The main aim of the project is to develop and enhance the internationalization know-how and expertise of the personnel working in various enterprises. Through that it is possible to get more international trade, turnover, profitability and workplaces in the enterprises situated in the region.

To achieve these objectives, companies should develop a strategic and operational functions to meet the requirements of international competition.

Development activities in this project can be categorized in three working packages:

  1. Strategic planning and preparation (analyses, contracts, IPR-protection, etc.)
  2. Increasing know-how and understanding (Fact Finding, Benchmarking, workshops and Match Making activities)
  3. Operational activities through peer learning and learning-by-doing on target markets (Exhibitions, negotiations, trade processes, etc.)

The results can be seen in two important ways:

  1. Via financial indicators (number of employees, turnover, profitability, etc.) and
  2. Non-numerical results, where operating conditions of enterprises will improve through enhancing cultural, business and social internationalization know-how (well-being of personnel, product quality, understanding of international markets, knowledge of product position in the international market).

In the future, operational region of this project will be well acknowledged as a dynamic business environment of international companies and as an area which supports such kind of internationalization.